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All rabbits will be priced according to show/pet quality. If interested in us holding a bunny, full payment will be needed. We will also be accepting credit cards in the near future, but currently only cash and checks.

Refund Policy: Please examine your rabbit before purchase. We will not issue a refund or replacement rabbit unless written confirmation of illness or defect from a licensed veterinarian is presented within 72 hours of purchase. We will not rehome or sell an animal we feel is unhealthy. We will NOT be responsible, under any circumstances, for any veterinary bills incurred by rabbits we have sold. EXCEPTION-- If any bunny under 12 weeks of age and dies within the first 7 days after purchase, a discount of 50% of original purchase price will be applied to a replacement bunny. Proof of death must be provided. No cash refunds. If for any reason you can no longer care for a bunny you have bought from us, we will always be willing to take the animal back. No refund will be given.
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